Interior Painting

No matter what room in your home you're looking to update, we provide high quality interior painting services at an affordable price. Contact us today to get a free, no obligation estimate for your interior painting project.

Transforming your home, one stroke at a time

Yellow Rose Painting offers a complete line of interior painting services for homeowners throughout the Waco area. Whether you're looking to repaint a single wall in your foyer, update your kitchen, or repaint your entire home, Yellow Rose Painting can help.


Cleaning and Preparation

Each project begins with moving and covering large furniture in the work area to keep it safe and clean during the process. We'll mask off any areas that aren't being painted, and cover floors and surfaces with drop cloths. We treat your home as if it were our own home, ensuring your belongings are protected and respected.

We do ask that you remove any small belongings from the rooms being painted to prevent any accidental damage to them.



To ensure a smooth, seamless finish it's important to ensure that your drywall is free of imperfections. We sand out any rough spots in your walls prior to applying paint to ensure the end result is something you'll be proud of.

Our sanding process is included with every quote we provide.


Drywall Repairs

To ensure that the end result of your project is flawless, we ensure that your drywall being painted is in good shape. We'll repair any dings and holes in the walls prior to applying paint and ensure everything is up to standards.

We also tackle larger drywall repair and replacement jobs beyond our standard painting preparation. Just ask us for a quote!


Interior Painting

When it comes time to paint, we use brushes, rollers and sprayers as necessary to ensure a high quality finish, using only the highest quality paints available.

We typically paint with two coats, but if a project requires more than two coats to obtain the desired finish, we'll let you know in advance.