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We understand that some people may be hesitant when hiring a painting company for their home. At Yellow Rose Painting, we pride ourselves on unmatched customer service, obsess over ensuring our customers are happy and every little aspect is done right.

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Our Story

From the beginning, Yellow Rose Painting has been about relationships. It started in early 2021 with a blossoming friendship between our owners, Jason and Mason. Shortly after meeting each other, the two felt called to create something special together.

Mason had previously founded our DFW-based sister company, Spray Tex Painting at a young age, and built it into one of the most successful painting companies in the metroplex. Jason, who had lived in Waco his entire life, felt that what STP was offering was much needed in the Central Texas market.

And so, Yellow Rose Painting was born.

Yellow Rose Painting working on cabinets.

Yellow Rose Painting working on cabinets.

An interior painting project.

An interior painting project.

The beginning was challenging, as any new venture is, but doing business with high integrity and authenticy tends to be rewarded. It wasn't long before the team had more work than it knew what to do with, and it's pretty much stayed that way every since!

We're proud of our growing team, and the incredible relationships we've established in the CTX area. We service Waco, Temple, Belton, and everywhere in between, and we offer interior and exterior painting of all kinds. So if you're looking for a trusted partner to help in the process of repainting your kitchen cabinets, refeshing your retail storefront, or anything in between, Then you've come to the right place!

Our Promise

Unfortunately, we can't promise a flawless painting experience every single time - we wish we could, but we're human. Mistakes sometimes happen, but we have the expertise to handle them effectively.

What we can always promise, is to be there for you every step of the way. To listen to you, to care for you and about you, and do our absolute best to make your painting experience wonderful!

We are Dedicated to Ensuring Your Project Is:

  • On-Time: Yellow Rose Painting is committed to completing every project promptly, striving to meet deadlines and respect our clients' schedules.
  • On-Budget: We endeavor to provide accurate and transparent pricing, working diligently to keep each paint job within the agreed-upon budget.
  • Well-Documented: Our team meticulously documents each phase of the project, ensuring a clear and comprehensive record from start to finish.
  • Long-Lasting: By selecting high-quality materials and employing expert techniques, we aim for a finish that is as enduring as it is beautiful.
An exterior painting project.

An exterior painting project.

Why Choose Yellow Rose?

  1. We take pride in our work, no matter what size the project may be and treat our customer’s homes as if they were our own.
  2. Our team consists of full-time, experienced, professional painters with years of painting expertise.
  3. We’ll address every concern you have as if you’re the most important person in the world because to us - you are!

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Our Values

Honoring our word

What it means: At Yellow Rose Painting, our commitments matter. We are mindful of the agreements we make, ensuring we don’t make empty promises. If we say we’ll do something, you can count on it. And if something goes wrong, we’ll be the first to let you know, make it right, and learn from it.

What it doesn't mean: Integrity doesn’t mean we’re perfect or that plans never change. Life is unpredictable, and we get that. What it does mean is that we’ll always be honest and upfront with you, no matter what. We adapt, we communicate, and we stay true to our word, even when things don’t go as planned.

Keeping it real

What it means: At Yellow Rose Painting, we believe in keeping it real. We build genuine connections with the people we meet and only propose solutions that truly fit your needs. If we’re not the right fit or don’t have the answer, we’ll let you know. Honesty and transparency are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re always ready to give and receive open, sincere feedback.

What it doesn't mean: Being authentic doesn’t mean we shy away from challenges or refuse to change. It’s about staying true to our values while embracing growth and flexibility. We welcome challenges and adapt as needed, all while maintaining our genuine, down-to-earth approach.

Grateful for the road we’re on

What it means: Appreciation at Yellow Rose Painting means recognizing and being thankful for our relationships and the opportunities we've been given. It's about valuing every client, every project, and every chance we get to bring beauty into someone’s space. This gratitude fuels our drive to continue growing and delivering exceptional service.

What it doesn't mean: Our appreciation does not equate to complacency. While we are grateful for our current successes, we remain committed to innovation, improvement, and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in the painting industry.

Growth Mindset
Evolving together

What it means: Embracing a growth mindset at Yellow Rose Painting means viewing challenges as opportunities to enhance our proficiency and expertise. It’s about being open to feedback that propels us forward. This mindset encourages us to innovate and adapt, ensuring we deliver top-notch experiences to our clients.

What it doesn't mean: Having a growth mindset does not mean we are never satisfied or always changing for the sake of change. It means we are thoughtful in our evolution, ensuring that every step we take is aimed at providing a better experience to our customers and team. We know that each of us has our own individual pace and capacity for personal growth, so we do not expect on-demand progress. We balance our drive for improvement with a deep respect for the proven methods and practices that have made us successful.

Effective listening at the heart of success

What it means: We listen to uncover what you truly need. Listening is about more than just hearing your words—it's about ensuring you feel genuinely heard and respected. Feeling understood is more important than who is right or wrong.

What it doesn't mean: Listening does not mean “the customer is always right.” It involves a respectful exchange where we take responsibility for our contributions to any misunderstandings, and gently encourage customers to recognize their contribution as well. Our goal is to foster true partnerships, where we all work together towards effective solutions.

Our Team

Jason Conners, Co-Founder & President

Jason Conners

Co-Founder & President

Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Jason Conners is a local through and through. A proud product of Reicher Catholic High School, Jason's adventurous spirit led him to the University of Arkansas, where he secured an undergraduate degree in Accounting & Finance, further honing his business acumen with an MBA.

Growing up, Jason witnessed first-hand the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship. His father, the owner of a family mining company in Central Texas, served as an example of hard work, perserverence, and how to take pride in work done right.

However, Jason's professional journey wasn't a linear path. He ventured into the world of Fortune 500 giants, including household names like Deloitte, Colgate, and Reckitt Benckiser. But amidst the high-rises and the fast-paced corporate world, Jason soon realized that being a small cog in a vast machine wasn't his calling.

In 2021, heeding the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father and fueled by his own experiences, Jason returned to his roots in Waco and co-founded Yellow Rose Painting. His endeavor was more than just a business; it was a passion project aimed at breathing life into homes and spaces.

Away from the spreadsheets and paint palettes, Jason is an adventurer and poet at heart. Whether writing poetry, mountain biking on rugged trails, skiing down snowy slopes, or enjoying a friendly game of pickleball, his zest for life is evident.

However, ask Jason what he treasures most about Yellow Rose Painting, and he'd point towards two things: the deep-rooted relationships he fosters with clients and the phenomenal team he's proud to work alongside. For him, it's more than just painting walls; it's about creating memories, building community, and leaving a lasting impression.

Jeff Jackson, Project Manager

Jeff Jackson

Project Manager

Born under the sunny skies of Long Beach, CA, Jeff Jackson's journey from the Californian coast took him to the bustling streets of Chicago before he finally settled in the heart of Waco, Texas. An alumnus of Long Beach State University, Jeff's diverse experiences have equipped him with a unique blend of perspectives, allowing him to approach challenges with unmatched creativity.

His sense of duty and commitment isn't just evident from his moves across the country but also from his time serving as a Black Hawk Crew Chief in the US Army. Wearing his veteran status with pride, Jeff has always been keen on putting his skills to use for the betterment of his community and country. Jeff has over a decade of experience in the home service space, specializing in window and door installation.

In 2022, destiny steered him to Waco, where family ties introduced him to the world of Yellow Rose Painting. It was his son, Kevin's outstand experience with the company (as a customer!) that led Jeff to meet the enthusiastic Jason Conners. A meeting of minds, passion, and shared values paved the way for Jeff's new role as a Project Manager.

When he's not overseeing a project, Jeff immerses himself in the outdoors, showcasing his precision in target shooting and unwinding with a bit of fishing. But, what truly defines Jeff is his innate ability to connect. Building genuine relationships with customers, understanding their aspirations, and translating them into tangible results is what Jeff cherishes most about his role.

Having lived in an array of places and with a myriad of experiences under his belt, from soaring the skies in a Black Hawk to adding color to homes in Waco, Jeff Jackson is more than just a Project Manager. He's a connector, a craftsman, and a professional who ensures that every project resonates with the personal touch it truly deserves.

Jonah Fox, Service Advisor

Jonah Fox

Service Advisor

Hailing from the heart of Central Texas, Jonah Fox's journey to Yellow Rose Painting is a testament to the company's commitment to service excellence and community. Raised in Robinson and educated at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and Baylor's Truett Seminary, Jonah's diverse experiences have molded him into a multifaceted professional with a passion for helping others.

Jonah spent eight years serving as a pastor in Temple, Texas, where he demonstrated a strong dedication to his congregation and community. His background in real estate development gave him experience in home improvement and helped to prepare him for his future role in the trades. In October 2023, Jonah transitioned from being a satisfied customer to a valued team member at Yellow Rose Painting.

Known for his big heart and genuine care for others, Jonah brings a personal touch to every interaction. He cherishes time spent with his wife and daughters, finding joy in family moments and supporting his wife's birthing center, The Starting Place. This deep-seated commitment to family and community helps set Jonah apart as an outstanding Service Advisor.

When he's not at work, Jonah enjoys exploring the outdoors, reflecting his appreciation for nature and tranquility. His ability to connect with customers, understand their needs, and provide thoughtful solutions makes him an invaluable asset to the Yellow Rose Painting team. Jonah Fox isn't just a Service Advisor; he's a dedicated professional committed to enhancing the lives of those he serves, one project at a time.

Mason Marquis, Co-Founder

Mason Marquis


Mason Marquis, co-founder of Yellow Rose Painting in Waco, Texas, brings a background from the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Mason attended the University of North Texas, studying Economics and Psychology. Mason's approach combines conscious leadership with an insightful understanding of client relationships.

Beyond the workplace, Mason delights in engaging in active pursuits such as mountain biking and skeet shooting. However, it is the time spent with his wife, Mariana, and family that truly defines him. The shared moments and laughter with them provide a sanctuary he deeply cherishes.

In addition to his role at Yellow Rose Painting, Mason is the President of Spray Tex Painting, a painting company that serves the DFW area, showcasing his expertise in leading and expanding quality painting services. His leadership at Spray Tex Painting mirrors his commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, traits he also brings to Yellow Rose Painting.