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Project: Exterior Repaint in Waco, TX

Before After

Yellow Rose Painting recently completed a transformative exterior repaint project for a charming home in Waco, TX. The project involved meticulous preparation, including the removal of extensive old paint layers, with many boards taken down to bare wood. This thorough process ensured a smooth and durable finish. After priming the surfaces, the home was painted in a fresh and vibrant color, significantly enhancing its curb appeal. The new look not only rejuvenates the property but also promises long-lasting protection against the elements.

Project: Jennifer Grant Family Dentistry Brick Painting, Waco, TX

Before After

This project revitalized the exterior of Jennifer Grant Family Dentistry with Super Paint, a combined paint and primer product, ensuring a swift and effective application over five days in June of 2022. This project was carefully scheduled to work around business hours, avoiding any interruptions to the dental practice's operations. The preparation included a thorough power wash and the use of mortar caulking. Awnings were removed to ensure a clean work area. The final colors chosen were SW Dovetail for the main brickwork and SW Tricorn Black for the trim, giving the building a sleek, updated appearance.

Project: Jennifer Grant Family Dentistry Interior Painting in Waco, TX

Before After

This interior refresh for Jennifer Grant was completed in January 2023 during the Christmas break to accommodate office closure. The chosen color palette featured Pure White and Light French Gray, providing a crisp and modern update to the walls, trim, and cabinetry. High-traffic areas demanded durable finishes, so SW Pro Industrial All-Surface Enamel (oil) was used on the cabinets and trim, while Promar 200 was applied to the walls. The preparation involved extensive masking, scuff sanding, cleaning, and careful protection of equipment and flooring.

Project: Cabinet Painting in China Spring, TX

Before After

This project in China Spring rejuvenated a kitchen with cabinets coated in SW Cargo Pants 7738 using ProClassic for a sleek finish. Initially stained, the cabinets required hand washing, scuff-sanding, and a layer of SW ProBlock oil primer. New hardware installations were an extra touch provided for the customer, complementing the freshly painted walls and ceilings for a complete kitchen transformation.

Project: Commercial Painting at Cinemark Market Heights, Harker Heights, TX

Before After

This Cinemark Market Heights painting project, completed in November 2022, involved a thorough pressure wash and careful masking. A range of Sherwin-Williams products including Super Paint and Multi-Surface Acrylic from the Pro Industrial line were used in colors like SW Showstopper, SW Purpose, SW Pavestone, and SW Worldly Gray. Over two and a half weeks, the team painted stucco surfaces, metal trim, downspouts, the marquee sign, ADA ramps, and railings. Located in Harker Heights, the use of a 40’ boom lift was essential for reaching high areas, with work on the entryway scheduled during closed hours to avoid business disruption.

Project: Exterior Painting at Sodalis Senior Living in Temple, TX

Before After

The Sodalis Senior Living painting project was meticulously executed by Yellow Rose Painting over a week in May 2023. The team's preparation included power washing, masking, and replacing any rotten wood, with a focus on siding and fascia. For a durable finish, they used SW Super Paint exterior satin, color-coordinating with SW Extra White for the main areas and SW Domino for accents. The comprehensive work covered siding, doors, trim, and gutters. Throughout the project, careful measures were taken to ensure the comfort and routines of the residents were maintained without interruption. More about Sodalis can be found on their website.

Project: Cabinet Painting in Woodway, TX.

Before After

This kitchen cabinet makeover in Woodway, TX, spanned over four days, during which the cabinets were diligently hand-washed, sanded, and primed with an oil-based SW ProBlock primer. A topcoat of Proclassic Enamel oil-based paint in SW Pure White was applied to the cabinets, and the island was transformed with a rich SW Naval #6244. To complete the renovation, the kitchen's walls, ceiling, and trim were also painted, with all door spraying conducted under a meticulously secured plastic enclosure.

Project: Commercial Painting at Kristin Distributing in Temple, TX

Before After

The Kristen Distributing refresh in October 2023 was a four-day endeavor, focused on the warehouse office space. The preparation phase involved masking, scuff sanding, and cleaning of the trim and cabinetry. The team used SW Pro Industrial DTM for the trim and cabinets, colored in Grizzle Gray 7068, and SW Promar 200 for the walls in Gray Matters 7066. Work was mainly conducted over the weekend to minimize disruption, with final touches applied early the following week. This timing coincided with the office's floor and baseboard replacement, streamlining the project's preparation needs.

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