The Local Impact of Kelly-Moore Paints Shutting Down

Published on March 15, 2024
Updated on April 1, 2024
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A Shift in the Landscape

As the owner of Yellow Rose Painting, the recent closure of Kelly-Moore Paints in our beloved Waco has prompted me to reflect on the resilience and adaptability that define our local businesses and community. This significant change challenges us to consider the future of construction and home improvement industries in our area.

The Ripple Effect on Waco

The departure of Kelly-Moore Paints signifies more than just the loss of a well-regarded supplier; it represents a transformation in the competitive dynamics among local painting and construction services. This shift brings forth discussions about project affordability, quality, and timelines that concern both our fellow business owners and the homeowners we serve.

Our Role in a Changing Market

In light of these developments, covered in detail by the Waco Tribune-Herald, I've shared insights on how Yellow Rose Painting intends to navigate these changes. It's an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment to excellence and to explore how we can fill the void left by Kelly-Moore's exit.

Leading with Quality and Community Support

At Yellow Rose Painting, our readiness to support Waco's construction and renovation projects goes beyond merely offering services. It's about fostering a sense of community and being a reliable partner in times of change. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction stands as our pledge to the community, as we adapt to meet new challenges head-on.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

The closure of Kelly-Moore Paints, while challenging, also opens up avenues for growth and innovation. As we move forward, the strength and resilience of Waco's community and its businesses, including Yellow Rose Painting, will ensure that we not only adapt but also thrive in the evolving landscape of our industry.


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    Jason Conners

    Jason Conners, a native of Waco, Texas, and alumnus of Reicher Catholic High School and the University of Arkansas, has a background in Accounting & Finance and an MBA. Inspired by his father's entrepreneurial success in mining, Jason left his corporate career at companies like Deloitte and Colgate to co-found Yellow Rose Painting in Waco in 2021. This venture combines his business acumen with a passion for revitalizing spaces. Beyond his professional life, Jason enjoys outdoor adventures, poetry, and pickleball. He values the strong client relationships and team camaraderie at Yellow Rose Painting, focusing on community impact and memorable experiences.

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